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Well-known reality in the panorama of street food, Pizzeria Milano Istanbul Blu 2 offers the opportunity to experience the extraordinary experience of enjoying the best of Italian pizza tradition and the flavors of Turkish cuisine at the same venue.

Customers will find a wide and varied choice of culinary proposals and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that can best suit every taste and pocket preference.

Prepared according to the original recipes, at the restaurant you will be able to taste the most famous dishes of Turkish tradition, from döner kebap to typical sweets; Tasty proposals, also prepared in special variants to please those who do not like eating meat.

The staff at Pizzeria Milano Istanbul Blu 2 is always on the lookout for the healthiest and best ingredients available from local suppliers.


It is this philosophy that has allowed the restaurant to become an important point of reference for lovers of new flavors, to give them not only a quality meal but a real cultural experience.

A history of food and passion is also told through the exquisite and warm professionalism of all the staff of the restaurant. Each day, the staff is at the service of every client to satisfy their every need for food and wine, also by recommending a plate or illustrating secrets with courteous availability; Basic attitudes to make even a pizzeria not just a place to be able to feed but a special space for those who love ethnic cooking.

The Istanbul Blue 2 pizzeria in Milan is therefore much more than a refreshment place: it is a special space for those who love to travel through the flavors while still sitting comfortably. The restaurant is open daily from 11:00 to 06:00.


The kebap is a specialty of Turkish culinary tradition, traditionally called doner kebap. Istanbul Blu 2 chefs prepare every day the best of Turkish kebap tradition in Milan: kebap sandwich, kebap focaccia, kebap dish, calzone kebap, kebap pizza and pide; All specialties that can be enjoyed comfortably seated inside the premises or brought home. Doner, in fact, means turning or rotating in Italian. The reference is to the vertical rotating skewer in which the meat is stuffed and shredded, making it rotate on the spindle axis.

The meats used to prepare the kebap are generally lamb, veal, beef or chicken. Never pig, for obvious reasons. The birth of the modern version of the kebap has to be traced back to the seventies of the twentieth century, when Kadir Nurman, a Turkish emigrant, decided to open a hot table in Berlin where he served an ancient dish typical of the Middle Eastern tradition. The most famous kebap in the world is probably döner kebap. The fact that in Turkey is also defined as walking kebap, by the habit of eating it even while walking down the street, has nothing to do with its name.